A Word From Our Primary Headteacher

A Word From Our Secondary Headteacher

A very warm welcome to the Primary Department at Bloxwich Academy. It is with great pleasure that I join the team as substantive Headteacher.

We live in a rapidly changing world and this can be a challenge for educators. Our responsibility is to prepare children so they are able to tackle the challenges that life will throw at them as well as equipping them for a future that is ever changing.

In the Primary School we set high standards for our learners and want them to see endless possibilities for their futures. We encourage them not only to dream but also to find a realistic way of achieving their dreams through hard work and dedication. In Bloxwich Primary we refer to this as ‘Bloxwich Brilliant’. In order to achieve this, we have a team of highly committed and dedicated staff who each value the importance of Primary Education and work hard to meet the needs of each and every learner.

Teaching and learning at Bloxwich Academy follows an innovative thematic approach, where children learn in real life contexts and develop a set of skills that will enable them flourish as individuals and access the next stages of their educational lives.

Learning is personalised to each individual learner and a variety of teaching methods are used in order to take into account the many different abilities and learning styles of the children in our care. We foster mutual respect, trust and understanding in our school through following a set of life values which ensures all children feel valued and included.

In primary school in particular, the relationships we have with parents and carers is essential and we hugely value your input in the learning journey. We look forward to seeing you at events over the coming months and welcome your support in making Bloxwich Academy an outstanding place of learning for the Bloxwich Community.

Mrs J Gray

Primary Headteacher
At Bloxwich Academy we expect everyone to 'be the best they can be'. We aim for all of our pupils to be respectful, confident and motivated learners who are proud of their achievement and their academy. We want all of our learners to aspire to achieve academically; to be able to access higher education or a good quality apprenticeship and to develop their employability skills to give our young people real life chances.

It is our strong belief that embedding high standards of behaviour and attitudes to learning, along with developing excellent learning and teaching practices, lead to the best educational outcomes. We strive to provide high quality professional development to all out staff to ensure they are the best practitioners in their fields. In addition to recruiting inspiring teachers and quality support staff to guide our young people to success. Through being part of the Matrix trust we work closely with our training school to meet this aim. The progress achieved here at Bloxwich Academy in the last 12 months has been vast and we are determined to see standards improve further each and everyday.

Mr A Seager

Secondary Headteacher