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A Word From Our Primary Headteacher


A Word From Our Secondary Headteacher

I am very proud to be the new Headteacher of Bloxwich Academy Primary, knowing how important it is to get Primary School education right, I am so pleased to share with you my aims for our school. I, like you, want the best for your child and believe that children need to have a love of learning from the very start of their school life. This can only be achieved by providing your child with a happy and secure environment where they are challenged and so It is vital that our focus becomes one of achievement.

At Bloxwich Academy Primary we will work hard to ensure that your child is successful and determined to continue their learning journey throughout their life.

We all know learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom and it is important that your child has a wide range of opportunities that will allow them to become a well-rounded individual.

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At Bloxwich Academy we expect everyone to 'be the best they can be'. We aim for all of our pupils to be respectful, confident and motivated learners who are proud of their achievement and their academy. We want all of our learners to aspire to achieve academically; to be able to access higher education or a good quality apprenticeship and to develop their employability skills to give our young people real life chances.

It is our strong belief that embedding high standards of behaviour and attitudes to learning, along with developing excellent learning and teaching practices, lead to the best educational outcomes. We strive to provide high quality professional development to all out staff to ensure they are the best practitioners in their fields. In addition to recruiting inspiring teachers and quality support staff to guide our young people to success. Through being part of the Matrix trust we work closely with our training school to meet this aim. The progress achieved here at Bloxwich Academy in the last 12 months has been vast and we are determined to see standards improve further each and everyday.

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