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Physical Education

It has been fantastic to have our pupils back in school doing Physical Education. In Core PE this half term, pupils have developed skills, techniques and tactics in either Football, Badminton, Netball or Swimming. Classes will continue their rotation on these sports over the next half term. 

With the ever-changing adaptations in the current climate for the delivery of PE, the pupils have worked extremely well and upheld safety measures that have been in place within the PE department. 

In netball, pupils are learning rules and regulations, different methods of shooting, footwork, passing techniques and attacking play as well as building subject knowledge with tactical awareness for game-play and how to analyse strengths and areas for development in self and peer assessment.

In swimming, pupils are learning various strokes including backstroke, front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly as well as different survival skills. Pupils are building on previous learning and showcasing good levels of skill progression and most of all having a love of learning for PE. 

In badminton, pupils have learnt a range of skills and techniques from serving and different shot selections TO having developed tactical awareness and subject knowledge by understanding positioning, rules, regulations and the scoring system.

In football, pupils are learning various skills, such as, passing, shooting, dribbling, attacking and defending as well as building subject knowledge with tactical awareness for game play and how to analyse strengths and areas for development in self and others performance.

Celebrating success in PE: 

A big well done and fantastic effort to O. Quinn (8W1) for dedication to home learning and effort in PE, She has really developed subject knowledge and developed her understanding of different methods of training. 

A recognition of outstanding class work of, B. Sliwinski (10T1), J. Myatt (11S1) and K. Benton (13W1) in BTEC Sport L2/L3.

Great enthusiasm and dedication shown from the Year 11 girls in PE for efforts towards living an active and healthy lifestyle, the pupils have designed personal training programs, and shown massive improvements whilst performing in trampolining. 

We want to ensure all parents and carers that the Physical Education delivery at Bloxwich Academy is strictly following COVID-19 government guidelines as well as liaising with various sporting governing bodies to ensure safe delivery of sport at the Academy is in place. 

PE Kit Expectations:

Indoor PE: plain white t-shirt, plain black shorts or tracksuit bottoms/leggings and trainers. Swimming costume/shorts and a towel when pupils are on swimming (pupils are allowed to wear a t-shirt if they would like to when they are on swimming).

Outdoor PE: rugby jersey or plain white top, plain black jumper (no hoods), plain black shorts or tracksuit bottoms/leggings and trainers or boots.

Optional kit but recommended: Shin pads, football boots, gum shield

No jewellery is allowed in PE and long hair must be tied back. If pupils have an injury or are unable to do PE for some reason, they must provide a note in their planners which has been signed by parents. Pupils WILL still require their PE kit, as they will take part in the lesson in some form that is none physical. COVID-19 restrictions are not an excuse for pupils to miss PE as the PE department ensure that necessary guidelines are followed strictly to minimize pupil risk.


Memorable Experience Day

To kickstart the Summer term, the students at Bloxwich Academy had a memorable experience day on Monday. Throughout the day, we took part in many activities and had a lot of fun doing so. You might have seen some of the different activities Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 were doing in the newsletter. Below is a summary of what Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 were doing during the day.

Year 2

What an amazing start to the beginning of the summer term!

Year 2 had the most amazing day learning to be florists, gardeners and woodland explorers! The children had a fantastic time. Everyone had the opportunity to make a flower posy using the most beautiful roses, spray carnations and chrysanthemums! Lots of the children are natural florists and gardeners.

We are just beginning our adventure and will be planting sweet peas, herbs and many other wonderful flowers and vegetables to use on our pizzas at the end of the term.  We have even designed and are planning to build a couple of amazing scarecrows to keep the wonderful plants we are growing safe. Watch this space for more exciting gardening adventures. 

Year 4

For our memorable experience day, Year 4 spent some time learning about who the Vikings were and what they are famous for. We started the day creating some fantastic Viking silhouette pictures. We used watercolour paints for our sunsets and then cut out longboats to place on top. We think they look absolutely amazing.

In the afternoon, the children were tasked with a challenge of making boats that could float on water. They had access to a range of materials: plastic, paper, wood and foam. The children were really inventive and came up with some brilliant ideas. We then tested our boats on water to see if they would float or sink.

Year 6

On the first day back after the Easter holidays, Year 6 completed an amazing Victorian day. The children roleplayed what it would like to be at school during the Victorian era and how different this would be do their normal day to day lives. They started by learning how to bow and curtesy and used this to respond to the register before completing the three Rs of Victorian teaching, reading, writing and arithmetic. In the afternoon, the boys completed some technical drawing whilst the girls completed some weaving using paper. 

The children really enjoyed the entire day, and this will lead perfectly into the rest of their topic.

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