Primary Ambassadors

Year 12 students at Bloxwich Academy are making a big impact by mentoring primary school children. This initiative fosters academic support and personal growth for both groups. Y12 pupils have been visiting the primary site during lunch times, offering games and conversations for our primary pupils.

This creates a supportive environment and promotes positive relationships within the school community. For Year 12 students, the experience builds leadership skills and empathy, while younger students benefit from academic assistance and inspiration. Pupils have been enjoying a range of activities such as board games, sports games, arts and crafts.

“I’ve loved visiting the primary to work with the younger pupils, it’s made a huge difference to my confidence, but I’ve also really enjoyed seeing the younger pupils enjoy”

H Spellman – Y12.

This collaboration shows the importance of peer-to-peer learning. It creates a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect, shaping future leaders. We commend our Year 12 for their inspired efforts to make a difference.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our Primary Ambassadors.


Navigating the Primary to Secondary School Transition

As pupils gear up for the move from primary to secondary school, it’s a mix of excitement and uncertainty. This shift marks a big change, with new faces, routines, and challenges awaiting. To ease this transition, schools offer orientation programs and transition days. These initiatives help pupils get familiar with their new surroundings, meet teachers and peers, and ask questions, easing their anxiety.

At Bloxwich Academy, we wanted to ensure that pupils really can be the best they can be. This is why we introduced our ‘Welcome to Bloxwich postcard’. Postcards have been sent to all pupils so they can ask questions, but also share what they are looking forward too.

We want to create a welcoming and inclusive environment within the school community. By prioritizing support and resources, we can ensure pupils feel confident and ready for this next chapter.

The secondary site look forward to our transition days where we can meet our new Y7s.


Long Service Awards

A special shout out to Mr Neal for his 39 years’ service at Bloxwich Academy and a huge congratulations to our staff who attended the annual Matrix Academy Trust long service celebration meal last Friday. They joined colleagues from across the trust at the wonderful BANK.  Racking up over 700 years’ service collectively across the trust.  Another huge thank you to you all for your continued dedication to our community. A special shout out to Mr Neal for his 39 years’ service at Bloxwich Academy. 

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