School Uniform

Black Blazer with School Badge and House Tie

White Shirt - Collared white shirt that must be tucked into:

Black Trousers - non stretch material of a standard cut (Lycra style, skin tight trousers or combat trousers or skirt trousers are NOT acceptable)


Black Plain Skirt - knee length or below, worn with black tights or plain black or white ankle socks. Knee length socks are not acceptable in school.

Shoes - black leather, no platforms, slingbacks, knee length boots. Heel Height no more than two inches. Plain black shoes (no trainers).

Belt - No fashion belts to be worn. Must be plain and suitable for business dress.

Jumper (optional) - A plain black, non- branded V-neck jumper. Tracksuit tops and sweatshirts are not acceptable as an outdoor coat.

Jewellery is not suitable wear for school and can be dangerous, it will be actively discouraged. Leave all jewellery at home. Body or facial piercings are NOT acceptable. One plain gold or silver stud in the ear lobe is permissible. No other jewellery to be worn.

Make-up must not be worn in Key Stage 3. False Nails or eyelashes, including extensions are not allowed.

Hair - no hair colour or high fashion or cult hair styles, or shaved eyebrows.

Note: we would encourage parents NOT to buy expensive designer variations on any standard uniform, for any year group. If parents choose to purchase such items, the school does not accept liability for loss or damage to them.

Uniform decisions are at the discretion of the Headteacher

PE Kit

Indoor Kit:

  • Plain Black or White T-Shirt
  • Black Shorts or Black Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Trainers

Outdoor Kit:

  • Plain Black or White T-Shirt
  • Spirit R200 Fully Reversible Rugby Jersey (Optional)
  • Black Shorts or Black Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Plain Black Jumper (No Hoodies)
  • Plain Black Football Socks
  • Football/Rugby Boots
  • Gum Shield (Moulded)
  • Shin Pads

Dance Kit:

  • Plain Black T-Shirt
  • Plain Black Jogging Bottoms or Leggings
BA-1 copy

Acceptable/Unacceptable Uniform

An example of some acceptable and unacceptable uniform alternatives can be found below.