Year 9 Options

What Will You Do?

You are about to start an exciting journey where you will make decisions about some of the subjects you will study from Year 10 onwards. Follow the step-by-step guide on the button below for a successful options process.

Options Timeline

Step 1: Attend the Year 10 Options assembly on 10th April

Step 2: 15th April – 19th April. Attend form time, on time, every day for virtual presentations all week delivered by option subject leads.

Step 3: Think about what you might want your future career to be and find out what subjects you might need to achieve this. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you might want to be in the future at this moment in time. If you choose wisely you can open up a wide range of choices

Step 4: Find out more information about each subject on offer and think about which ones you might enjoy doing. You can find this information here on the school website. This includes the options booklet and subject videos

Step 5: Discuss your options with parents or carers, not just your friends. The final choice is yours, but it might be worth listening to other people’s advice to help you decide. You should not choose a subject based on what your friends are choosing.

Step 6: List your initial choices on a piece of paper, keep it in a safe place and come back to it in a few days. Ask yourself if you would change anything now you’ve had time to think? If not, then the process has been successful.

Step 7: On 22 April 2024 return to this website where your final options application form will open, and you can submit your choices. The application window closes on 30 April 2024

Step 8: After you have submitted your choices, these will be analysed by leadership to plan the curriculum. Depending on your selection a follow up meeting may be arranged with you to discuss this further.

Step 9: In the summer term, you will receive a letter to inform you of which courses you will be studying next year.

Step 10: Join Year 10 and start studying your chosen courses!

Find out more about Subjects on offer below.

Option Subjects
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Computer ScienceLearn More
ConstructionLearn More
DanceLearn More
DramaLearn More
Fine ArtLearn More
FrenchLearn More
Health & Social CareLearn More
Hospitality & CateringLearn More
IT Learn More
MusicLearn More
Media StudiesLearn More
PsychologyLearn More
Religious EducationLearn More
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SportLearn More
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