RAF Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force is a Ministry of Defence sponsored youth organisation in the United Kingdom. The cadet expansion programme (CEP) is now currently in 400 schools and is expected to rise to 500 next year under this programme. There are currently 50 schools in our catchment area. The general size or the CCF is approximately 41000 Cadets with 9500 Adult volunteers. (As of 2018)

For further information on the CCF please follow this link: https://combinedcadetforce.org.uk/ 

Note: It is not a recruiting tool for the Armed Forces.

Why Join?

  • To challenge themselves both physically and mentally
  • Gain life skills and Qualifications
  • Bolster their academic skills
  • Learn how Discipline is vital
  • Gain Leadership skills and put them into practice
  • Improve Confidence and self-awareness
  • Learn the importance of Team Work
  • To prepare the cadet for real-world work life
  • Opportunity to develop military skills including marksmanship, first aid, map reading

How to Join?

Joining the CCF programme is a big commitment. It is not an ‘attend when you want to’ club. You are expected to uphold the highest of standards every day in school. Hard work and effort within the Cadet force will give you the opportunity to enhance progression in all areas of your life. – Plt Off Hall

Application forms can be obtained from the CCF office.

Why have you joined the CCF?

"I found it inspirational"
"I wanted to learn new skills"
"To help me with my confidence"
"My parents believe in what the CCF can offer and their military principles"
"To add to my CV to help me stand out when applying for post 16, University and future jobs"
"To be part of a team"
To prepare me for the work environment when I leave education

Pupil Voice

Has it changed you?

"It has helped me gain more confidence"
"I am not scared of failure any more, I just try harder next time"
"I appreciate the need to work with others"
"It's been very challenging but lots of fun"
"I feel a sense of achievement"
"It has changed my aspirational goals"

Frequently Asked Questions

An annual cost of £30. This enables the unit to operate and provide cadets with the best possible training both within the school and whilst on residential trips eg. Rock climbing, overnight camping. Financially we are able to provide cadets with a range of Badges, Rank slides, T-shirts throughout the year. This can be paid in full or on set dates throughout the school year. Some additional cost(s) may be incurred but we try to keep these to a minimum. This year cadets will need RAF shoes.(please see the link at the end of this presentation)
If the cadet leaves or is removed from the CCF programme will I get a refund? No, a refund is not available as costs have already been incurred.
Can my child apply if they have poor attendance/behaviour. As the CCF is a flagship programme, Cadets are expected to be role models to the other students in the school. Any student can apply but this is subject to approval form the Heads of House and the Head Teacher.
The CCF is open to everyone. Provision(s) and risk assessments are put in to place for everyone to train. Privacy and discretion are used at all times.
Attendance to CCF activities are required regularly so the Cadet doesn’t fall behind on their training. Attendance to other extracurricular events is encouraged but the balance between these can prove difficult for the cadet. Cadets who are unable to attend a parade night are to inform the Commanding Officer at the earliest opportunity.
Wednesday 3pm – 5pm. Arrangements are to be made for your child to be collected or the Cadet to make their own way home. Weekend activities are organized inline with school policy. Permission letters and activity paperwork to be signed before attendance. This can be at short notice sometimes as we get offered last minute activities.
The Cadet will get RAF blue uniform. We do have spare combat uniform that may be issued to the Cadet but our supplies are quite limited due to sizes. Accidental damage and uniform that is too small need to be reported to a member of the CCF team to allow exchanges of uniform to take place. A small cost may be incurred to replace lost uniform. Please do not purchase uniform off the internet until you have spoken to a member of the CCF team.
Cadets are to be encouraged to participate in the school run DoE scheme. This is a qualification that can be worn on their uniform once completed.
If a Cadet gains qualifications outside of school hours this may be transferred to a CCF qualification, examples: music, first aid, volunteer work etc…