We are publishing our homework on our website. This is to support pupils with their learning outside of school and to share the homework activities that are being set for our pupils each week, to allow you to continue to support your children with their learning beyond the school day.

The time allocations for each homework per week are as follows:

Year 7 - 20 minutes
Year 8 - 25 minutes
Year 9 - 30 minutes
Year 10/11 - 45 minutes
Year 12/11 – 90 minutes

The links for each year group below will take you to the homework activities for each subject for each half term.

Please note that, for Technology and Performing Arts subjects in Year 7, 8, 9 pupils will complete these on a rotation basis. All of the rotation homework will be located together in a folder and can be accessed at the point that the pupil completes that subject within their rotation during the year. (Pupils do not need to complete homework for subjects they are not completing at that point in time)