SEN Routines

Supporting your child with their home learning routines

Consistent routines are important for behaviour and well-being in school and our routines at home have changed significantly. Routines are key to finding a new way of existing in the home during the pandemic and ensuring your child can continue to learn in the best ways they can.

Please see below some simple approaches that we recommend that can help develop a regular routine during school-closure. Feel free to share and discuss this with your child.

  • I woke up at a good time.
  • I did some exercise.
  • I had regular meals and drank water.
  • I have set up a workspace to complete my schoolwork.
  • I have chunked my schoolwork by taking regular breaks.
  • I went outside to get some fresh air- even for a few moments.
  • I talked to my family about my day and how I am feelings.
  • I asked my family how their day was.
  • I helped with a household job and talked to my family.
  • I contacted my friends.
  • I spent some time away from electronic devices (phones, laptops, gaming) – I tried a different hobby.
  • Remember each day I will have done something good.
  • I went to bed at a good time to get plenty of rest

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