“We Are a Telling School”

We are committed to protect all members of our school community from being bullied by providing a caring, friendly and safe environment so that learning is completed in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

Bullying is the wilful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone.  Anti-bullying is when everyone in the school realises that bullying is unacceptable.  EVERYONE has a part to play to stop bullying.

We will not accept bullying of any kind.  We take bullying most seriously.  Bullying can be from an individual or from a group but it is always intended to upset.  We encourage respect for others through good manners, tolerance of differences and having the ability to work alongside all people.  We encourage good behaviour and respect for others.

We are a TELLING school.  This means that anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to let someone know so that the bullying will stop.  We are also a LISTENING school and we are committed to listen to pupils, parents and staff who report issues of bullying and to take the concerns seriously.  We want everyone to look after each other. Pupils and parents should be reassured that they are doing the right thing by TELLING.

Being a Good Friend

Feeling Good - Activity

We can do lots to keep our minds and bodies feeling food. Using the attached activity, explore the things in your life that keep you feeling good.

Activity Download

Calming Jars

Being mindful is all about learning to pay attention. Create your own Calming Jars using the activity below that can be used to help us calm down.

Download Activity

How Are You Feeling? - Resource Cards

Download some helpful emotion and expression flashcards here, these could be useful when talking to your child about any tough situation.

Calming Myself Down