Working at Home

How to use this page?

If you are required to work from home your teachers will set online learning activities using Microsoft Teams. Pupils will use their school login to access their classroom portal. Learning will be guided by your teachers and will link to the topics you have been learning in class.

There will be daily lessons for

  • Mathematics
  • Phonics (by group)
  • Reading
  • Other subjects linked to your Year group.

These will be a mixture of live and pre-recorded lessons

Click the RM Unify button above to log into your online classroom, here you will be able to log into your account using your school username and password. Once you are logged in, select the Microsoft Teams tile.

Additional Resources including, Music and Physical Education (Active Bodies and Minds) and Challenge Activities can also be found by using the year group buttons below, these activities will link to the topics you are currently learning.

Additional Resources

Primary Buttons KS1
Primary Buttons KS2

Teams FAQs

All children have a school login and password to access the school computers. This is the username and password they need to use to login.
Please email with your child’s name and class and we will reset the password and remind you of the username.
Your child’s class teacher will be uploading work and providing feedback to your child during the working week. Senior leaders in the school will monitor all e-learning classrooms throughout the week.
When typing a message, simply click the paperclip icon to upload pictures of the work done or any word document or pdf. Please do not upload pictures or videos of children as these will be deleted.

Only the children in your child’s class will be in the e-learning classroom. There is no audio or video, just written communication. All written communication will be closely monitored. Anything deemed offensive or in appropriate will be removed immediately. The e-learning classrooms are learning spaces and are not for social communication.