Summer Passport

Are you ready for a summer of learning? You have all been given a passport to take home with you and in this passport you will find many exciting tasks and challenges which you can complete over the summer. Some of these are online, but don’t worry if you can’t access the internet as there are also many tasks which do not require a device. As you complete the challenges, tick them off to show that you have finished them.

You can also find lots of exciting resources below. Just click on the links to get going (make sure you have permission from your parents or guardian first)

You can also upload your work to teams to share with your friends. Use your school username and password to log in. Have a brilliant summer; we can’t wait to see all your fantastic work.


Times Table Rockstars -

KS2 Maths -

KS1 Maths -

Maths Games -


Read free books online -


Science topics -

KS1 Science -

Science Games -

Science Activities -

Science Activities -

Experiments -

Science Activities -


Design code and make games -

App – Flip a Clip

App – Scratch Jnr

Dance Mat Typing -

Star Wars code -

Lightbot -

Turtle Game -


Learn French -

KS2 French -

French Lessons -

French Games -


Create music online -


Virtual Art -

Learn to Draw -

Learn to Draw -

Art Projects -


Puppets -


Learn the oceans and continents -

Geography games -


History topics -

BBC History -

History Games -

History Games -

History Information -

History Games -