Staff Wellbeing

At Bloxwich Academy, we place a very strong importance on wellbeing for all members of our community. This includes a commitment to staff wellbeing. We place staff wellbeing and workload at the heart of our decision taking and policy making. We meet regularly with a staff group which includes representatives from each faculty to listen to their views on workload and wellbeing and respond swiftly to their suggestions. At Bloxwich Academy we:

  • Place a very strong emphasis on a whole school approach to wellbeing
  • Have an open door policy and listen to the needs of our staff
  • Regularly survey our staff to collect their views on workload and wellbeing
  • Carry out face to face meetings with staff to collect and respond to their needs
  • Value every member of staff for the contribution that they make to our school community
  • Place workload and wellbeing at the heart of our decision making
  • Are committed to responding to all DfE document including the Workload Reduction Toolkit and the Wellbeing Charter.

Staff Wellbeing Library

At Bloxwich primary, we actively promote and support staff wellbeing through reading and providing books to specifically support wellbeing on a range of topics. We also share wellbeing top tips and inspirational quotes to support staff with their wellbeing.


Staff Suggestions

At Bloxwich Primary, we value staff views and regularly collect staff suggestions – we want to hear your bright ideas!  We also do our best to value our staff and think about the things that make our school such a special place to work

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Department for Education Wellbeing Charter

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Department for Education Workload Reduction Toolkit

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Staff Testimonials

'As an Early Career Teacher at Bloxwich Academy, I have felt incredibly supported throughout my first two years. The emphasis on wellbeing and manageable workload has been a game-changer, allowing me to focus on my growth and development as a teacher. The mentorship and professional development opportunities provided have been invaluable, fostering a positive and nurturing environment.
Bloxwich Academy truly prioritises its staff, ensuring that we have all the tools and support needed to succeed and thrive in our roles.'

'Working at Bloxwich Academy is a delight. Since, I started working at Bloxwich Academy (5 years ago), I feel the Academy has grown in strength with supporting the emotional and well-being of staff. Senior Leadership Team ensure they check in with every teacher daily and are always available to chat to when needed. I have been supported to complete my NPQ and had release time to ensure I could attend all face-2-face and online sessions. Observations are carried out termly, however these are planned to reduce stress and ensure staff are ready. The feedback given is constructive to enable staff to develop professionally and support students in the best way possible. Working at Bloxwich Academy isn't just about teaching; it's about being part of a community that values staff and supports their well-being to make it a wonderful place to work.'

'As a teacher at Bloxwich Primary Academy, I am continually impressed by our whole-school approach to wellbeing. The open-door policy fosters a supportive environment, allowing staff to feel heard and valued. Regular surveys and face-to-face meetings ensure our voices are considered in decisions regarding workload and wellbeing. All staff member's contributions are recognised, placing our wellbeing at the heart of the school's decision-making process. Bloxwich Primary Academy's commitment to adhering to the DfE's Workload Reduction Toolkit and Wellbeing Charter demonstrates their dedication to maintaining a positive, healthy work environment for all.'

'At Bloxwich Academy the staff are very supportive of each other. During our phase meeting we always talk about wellbeing and support. The SLT are always there if you need them, and they offer all staff an open-door policy. We foster a positive feedback and monitoring system, supportive drop-ins and nurturing development points are discussed. We provide team teaching and staff know they can talk with subject leads if they need any support. I also feel that the school culture and values are well embedded across the school and there are opportunities to celebrate each others achievements.'