New Penalty fines for holidays05.07.2024Download HERE
Year 6/7 Transition24.07.2024Download HERE
Nursery Sports Day24.07.2024Download HERE
Year 6 Bikeability21.07.2024Download HERE
Date changes20.07.2024Download HERE
KS2 Sports Day20.07.2024Download HERE
EYFS & KS1 Sports Day20.07.2024Download HERE
Walk to School Week16.05.2024Download HERE
SEND Cricket Competition16.05.2024Download HERE
SATs Breakfast Club10.05.2024Download HERE
Pre-Residential Letter10.05.2024Download HERE
Nursery Sun10.05.2024Download HERE
Year 4 Tag Rugby12.04.2024Download HERE
WOW Day - Coastlines12.04.2024Download HERE
Tag Rugby Year 5&612.04.2024Download HERE
WOW Day14.03.2024Download HERE
Year 1 Entrance14.03.2024Download HERE
Year 6 Apprentice Letter14.03.2024Download HERE
Easter Bonnet Parade08.03.2024Download HERE
Sports Champions08.03.2024Download HERE
Year 5 Reading Session08.03.2024Download HERE
Comic Relief08.03.2024Download HERE
Year 4 Wrekin Trip06.03.2024Download HERE
Egypt Assembly06.03.2024Download HERE
Year 5 Acorn Adventures06.03.2024Download HERE
World Book Day04.03.2024Download HERE
Nursery Closure04.03.2024Download HERE
Scarlett Fever March 2304.03.2024Download HERE
Spring Report Cover Letter09.02.2024Download HERE
Number Day29.01.2024Download HERE
Year 5 STEM Workshop29.01.2024Download HERE
Maths Workshop Reception10.01.2024Download HERE
Times Table Rock Stars10.01.2024Download HERE
Year 2 Monarchs19.12.2023Download HERE
Year 2 Food Tasting12.12.2023Download HERE
Christmas Concerts12.12.2023Download HERE
Breakfast Club12.12.2023Download HERE
Nursery Closure - 22nd December12.12.2023Download HERE
Year 1 Great Fire of London12.12.2023Download HERE
Year 2 Maths Lesson12.12.2023Download HERE
Christmas Dinner & Panto06.12.2023Download HERE
Year 6 SATS06.12.2023Download HERE
Christmas Jumper Day 06.12.2023Download HERE
Year 3 Reading24.11.2023Download HERE
Reception Christmas Crafts24.11.2023Download HERE
Diwali Dance17.11.2023Download HERE
Nursery Christmas Concert15.11.2023Download HERE
Barnaby Bear15.11.2023Download HERE
Year 6 Maths15.11.2023Download HERE
Year 1 Writing15.11.2023Download HERE
Year 1 Cinema15.11.2023Download HERE
Anti-bullying Workshop09.10.2023Download HERE
Year 5&6 writing workshop09.10.2023Download HERE
Illness09.10.2023Download HERE
Children in Need08.10.2023Download HERE
Year 5 Art Event08.10.2023Download HERE
Year 2 Exotic Zoo06.11.2023Download HERE
Primary Admissions25.10.2023Download HERE
Parent Consultation Morning25.10.2023Download HERE
Photographs25.10.2023Download HERE
Punctuality Letter23.10.2023Download HERE
African Dance Day19.10.2023Download HERE
Poppy Appeal16.10.2023Download HERE
Brynty 202306.10.2023Download HERE
Reception Showcase06.10.2023Download HERE
Y6 Cosford06.10.2023Download HERE
Harvest22.09.2023Download HERE
Pep the Poet20.09.2023Download HERE
Bloxwich Academy Secondary20.09.2023Download HERE
Year 3 & 4 Girls Football Club11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 5 & 6 Boys Football Club11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Club11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 5 Reading Club11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 6 Badminton Club11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 4 Molineux Visit11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 3 & 4 Football11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 3 FSM11.09.2023Download HERE
Matrix Academy Trust App20.07.2023Download HERE
BoomReader18.07.2023Download HERE
Y4 Vikings & Anglo-Saxons05.07.2023Download HERE
Y1 Childhood05.07.2023Download HERE
Y6 Britain at War05.07.2023Download HERE
Y5 Dynamic Dynasties05.07.2023Download HERE
Y2 Movers and Shakers05.07.2023Download HERE
Nursery Sports Day05.07.2023Download HERE
Nursery Graduation05.07.2023Download HERE
New Teachers September05.07.2023Download HERE
Bastille Day03.07.2023Download HERE
Pirates of the Curry Bean27.06.2023Download HERE
Friends of Bloxwich - Summer Fayre23.06.2023Download HERE
Phase Consultation09.06.2023Download HERE
KS2 Maths Workshop30.04.2023Download HERE
KS1 Maths Workshop30.04.2023Download HERE
KS2 Sports Day30.04.2023Download HERE
Reception & KS1 Sports Day30.04.2023Download HERE
Polling Station27.04.2023Download HERE
Mental Health Week26.01.2023Download HERE
PE Kit Letter21.04.2023Download HERE
World Book Day14.02.2023Download HERE
Sports Champions14.02.2023Download HERE
Valentines Disco - FOB01.02.2023Download HERE
Speech & Language Workshop01.02.2023Download HERE
ESafety Workshop01.02.2023Download HERE
8:30am Start17.01.2023Download HERE
Group A Strep and Scarlet Fever12.11.2022Download HERE
Christmas Jumper Dinner Day28.11.2022Download HERE
Children In Need 202209.11.2022Download HERE
Poppy Appeal20.10.2022Download HERE
West Midlands Police19.10.2022Download HERE
E-Safety Workshop13.10.2022Download HERE
Diwali Dance11.10.2022Download HERE
Photographs 202207.10.2022Download HERE
Halloween Party03.10.2022Download HERE
Bloxwich Academy Secondary Admissions26.09.2022Download HERE
Harvest 202221.09.2022Download HERE
Year 5 & 6 Computing Coding Club20.09.2022Download HERE
Wonderdome20.09.2022Download HERE
Read For Good Sponsorship Form15.09.2022Download HERE
Readathon 202215.09.2022Download HERE
Jeans for Genes Letter13.09.2022Download HERE
Year 5 & 6 Boys Football13.09.2022Download HERE
Year 4, 5, 6 Girls Football Club13.09.2022Download HERE
Cost of Meals08.09.2022Download HERE
Book Fair Parental Letter06.09.2022Download HERE
Year 3 Wisepay Information06.09.2022Download HERE
Class Teachers 202213.07.2022Download HERE
Summer Fayre Information12.07.2022Download HERE
Year 6 Transition Information07.07.2022Download HERE
Walsall LASEND WSOA - Letter to Parents16.06.2022Download HERE
Trust New Schools Transfer - Have Your Say24.04.2022Download HERE
Ofsted Report Parental Letter29.11.2021Download HERE
Early Closure Letter18.11.2021Download HERE
Letter to Parents - Ofsted Notification02.11.2021Download HERE
A Guide for Parents - School Inspections02.11.2021Download HERE
Welcome Back Letter1.09.2021Download HERE
End of Summer Term Letter20.7.2021Download HERE
Good to be Green Rearranged13.7.2021Download HERE
PSHE Letter5.5.2021Download HERE
End of Spring Term Letter1.04.2021Download HERE
Return to School March Letter2.03.2021Download HERE
Covid Variant - Parental Letter02.02.2021Download HERE
FSM Vouchers15.01.2021Download HERE
Year 5 - Learning by Questions08.01.2021Download HERE
School Closure - Parental Letter05.01.2021Download HERE
Reception & Nursery Class Splits04.01.2021Download HERE
Christmas Jumper Day25.11.2020Download HERE
Christmas Dinner23.11.2020Download HERE
Primary Return Letter13.11.2020Download HERE
October Half Term Parental Letter23.10.2020Download HERE
Public Health England - Single Case 22.10.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Application Letter09.10.2020Download HERE
Mask Wearing08.10.2020Download HERE
Year 3 & 4 Extended Provision25.09.2020Download HERE
Year 4 & 5 Early Drop Off25.09.2020Download HERE
Reception Early Drop Off25.09.2020Download HERE
Time Changes23.09.2020Download HERE
September 2020 Return Information Letter24.08.2020Download HERE
End of Term Parental Letter17.07.2020Download HERE
Year 6 Leavers Assembly13.07.2020Download HERE
Year 6 Summer School Letter07.07.2020Download HERE
Year 5 Return Letter01.07.2020Download HERE
Reception Update Letter05.06.2020Download HERE
Nursery Update Letter05.06.2020Download HERE
Year 1 Return Information Letter03.06.2020Download HERE
Year 6 Return Information Letter03.06.2020Download HERE
Walking Home Alone Permission - Year 603.06.2020Download HERE
Phased Re-Opening Information 22.05.2020Download HERE
Parental Update13.05.2020Download HERE
Free School Meal Provision20.03.2020Download HERE
Closure Notice19.03.2020Download HERE
Mothers Day Celebration - Cancelled17.03.2020Download HERE
Mothers Day Celebration10.03.2020Download HERE
E-Safety Letter10.03.2020Download HERE
World Book Day & Sport Relief26.02.2020Download HERE
Informal Parents Evening25.02.2020Download HERE
Valentines Disco - Friends of Bloxwich22.01.2020Download HERE
Late Registration & Lunches Information15.01.2020Download HERE
Nursery Letter - Applications for Reception 08.01.2020Download HERE
Book Fair Visit11.12.2019Download HERE
KS1 Christmas Service10.12.2019Download HERE
KS2 Christmas Service10.12.2019Download HERE
End of Term Messages09.12.2019Download HERE
Christmas Lunch02.12.2019Download HERE
Christmas Jumper Day25.11.2019Download HERE
Friends of Bloxwich - Christmas Fayre21.11.2019Download HERE
Spotlight on Reading20.11.2019Download HERE
Early Years - The Nativity14.11.2019Download HERE
KS2 Snow Queen Theatre Trip7.11.2019Download HERE
KS1 Mother Goose Theatre Trip7.11.2019Download HERE
Primary Photographs21.10.2019Download HERE
Halloween Disco18.10.2019Download HERE
Nursery/Reception Halloween18.10.2019Download HERE
Poppy Appeal Letter18.10.2019Download HERE
Times Tables Rockstars Letter14.10.2019Download HERE
Walsall FC School Partners Letter07.10.2019Download HERE
Farms for City Children03.10.2019Download HERE
Standards & Curriculum Meeting03.10.2019Download HERE
School Choir26.09.2019Download HERE
Parents Evening - Nursery25.09.2019Download HERE
Parents Evening25.09.2019Download HERE
Free School Meals24.09.2019Download HERE
Green Book Bags20.09.2019Download HERE
KS1 Multi Skills Club16.09.2019Download HERE
Swimming Lessons10.09.2019Download HERE
Speech & Language Support09.09.2019Download HERE
Welcome Back and Dates Letter03.09.2019Download HERE
Staffing - Academic Year 2019/202019.07.2019Download HERE
End of Year Parental Letter18.07.2019Download HERE
Friends of Bloxwich Academy Donation Letter12.07.2019Download HERE
Swimming Lessons Letter10.07.2019Download HERE
Sports Day Letter10.07.2019Download HERE
Parental Consultation Event Letter08.07.2019Download HERE

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