A group of year 3 and 4 children attended a SEND Table Cricket festival at West Walsall E-ACT Academy.  Table cricket is an adapted version of cricket, played on a table tennis table and specially designed to give young children (SEND) the chance to play and compete in the sport.

This is a very strategic game! There are different scoring zones around the table and, just like in regular cricket, fielders have to be carefully positioned to prevent runs or to get the batter out. Teams of six take it in turn to bowl or bat, with the bowler using a ramp to deliver the ball. The batter scores by hitting the ball into the scoring zones, avoiding the fielders if they can!

The children had a lot of fun at the festival and were very excited to have a go at a sport they have never tried before. They all performed very well and picked up the game surprisingly quick. The children enjoyed the opportunity to meet children from other schools, at the end of each game the children shook hands with their opposition. Each player received a certificate to recognise their efforts at the festival.

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