We are approaching the full-time return to school…hooray!

This week, Year 5 have continued with their learning in Maths based on properties of shape (angles). The children have used their knowledge of types of angles and developed their skills further to find missing angles on a straight line and in a full turn. The children working online have used the digital whiteboard to complete their calculations and have applied this within their independent work.

Following lots of discussion about animals in captivity, in both reading and writing, the children have used an example text to explore their opinions further within a discussion text.  We have worked together to write a shared example each lesson using various grammatical features, and then the children have used their own ideas, alongside shared examples, to begin building their own discussion text.

When animals are put into captivity, they are given the right habitat so that they can survive in the right temperature and not die in the wrong habitat. They are also fed whenever possible, so they won’t die or be too full because they were overfed. The zookeepers also train the animals, so they won’t attack, kill or hurt humans when walking past them. Although the animals might not be happy, they will still be looked after with good care and medicine when it is necessary otherwise, they will die.

Throughout this term learning at home, Year 5 have worked hard to improve their comprehension skills whilst reading a range of texts. This week, the children have used the new vocabulary linked to animals in captivity, alongside our discussions to answer a range of comprehension questions, and it is clear that they are becoming more confident to answer long response questions.

Based on our whole school project, the children in school have worked extremely hard to create some posters about deforestation, highlighting the key problems that come from this global issue. They have been learning how to draw rainforest animals, which have looked amazing on their posters!

Both Miss Hughes and Miss Jones would like to say a massive well done and thank you to all of Year 5 for their hard work and resilience during this term so far. We can’t wait to see you all on Monday 8th March to continue this fantastic work!

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